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EVE Online is an open-ended Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG). Most other contemporary games in this genre focus on linear progression through leveling and the acquisition of gear. EVE Online contains no character levels to grind and all ships and equipment can be bought, sold or lost. Skill is gained over time through non-linear progression of which you are in full control. Whether you want to be the best frigate pilot or pilot a mighty armored battleship, the choice is yours.

This unmatched freedom of choice is why EVE Online is so different from almost all other online massively multiplayer titles. This is not only the freedom to develop your character as you see fit, but the freedom to impact the course of history in the EVE universe.

One of the most unique aspects of EVE is that all of its players share a single server. You can find tens of thousands of players online at any given time interacting in the same persistent universe. When your friends join EVE Online they will always join the same persistent universe that you joined.

The bottom line is that EVE Online is a rich and immersive persistent universe focused on human interaction. You have the choice to play the game as a simple space trader or endeavor to control the largest, most powerful corporation in the universe. We provide the rules and tools, but it is the players who write the story and create the history of New Eden.